We love that our customers love the Mylkman Company so much! Here’s what some of them have to say about our fresh, raw organic almond mylk™:

“It’s sublime tasting! Made with care , i breathe a sigh of relief knowing i am drinking something pure. it’s so delicious”
Marisa Tomei – Actress

“Almond Mylk™ from the Mylkman puts a smile on my face every delivery day. Seriously, this stuff is so good and has nothing what so ever to do with what we think almond mylk™ might be from the box. Enjoyed by my whole family with granola, yea I said it, coffee, in smoothies, and on it’s own it is straight up good”
Mike D – Father & Hip Hip Artist

“We started on the Mylk™ about a year ago. My baby was still breastfeeding but I wanted her to have some other type of milk as well. I introduced both my toddler and her to Mylk™ and they nearly drank the whole jar in one sitting. Since then, we’ve been regular subscribers because I know that I’m putting such good stuff in my kids, and enjoying it for myself almost like desert. It’s freaking delicious and so packed with nutrients. It’s always a good day when the Mylkman comes!”
Amy Swift Crosby – Founder, SMARTY

“Alex and I love mylkman mylk™ because it tastes sweet and delicious. As a mom, I love knowing that it’s made with healthy and pure ingredients. Two and a half year olds know exactly what they like and why, so Alex’s stamp of approval is as honest as it gets, too.”
Jen Kanter – Happy Mama and Director of Distribution, AMC Networks

“This mylk™ tastes so good that in my house we call it “ice cream mylk™.” It is unbelievably delicious and is clearly made from the best ingredients”.
-Emily Deschanel, Actress

“Aside from the fact that it’s addictive and ridiculously delicious (especially ice cold)? My kids love chocolate dairy milk, but they love mylk™, too, and I’m happy that I can substitute it so they’re not drinking much dairy. My 13-month-old chugs it like it’s going out of style. And it’s really gentle on her tummy. Not to mention, they are thrilled when we go outside to find the mylk™ bottle refills waiting for us. We are mylk™ers for life.”
Nikki Shallenberger – Full-Time Mama and Much-of-the-Time Musician

“The best combo of coconut milk & organic almond milk! The texture makes cereals & smoothies delicious and the taste of coconut is more subtle through the almond and allows for more diverse use. The service makes it all super easy to be spoiled with one of the best milk you could offer yourself. My toddler loves it and its freshness and purity allows mama to feel good about all the nutrition my son gets! Thank you”
Mom & Fitness Expert – Consultant

“Mylkman Mylk™ is absolutely delicious!! We love to drink it by itself, but one of our favorite treat is to top our dandelion tea with fresh mylk™. Also, our kids can’t have any dairy so we use mylk™ when we make french toast and pancakes.”
Jena King – Co-Founder of Michael and Jena King Foundation

“The most genius concoction EVER. This special blend of almonds and coconut water is truly a gift, tastes like they were made for each other. It is also a cure all for hangovers.”
Kristie Streicher – Eyebrow Specialist

“It’s like drinking dessert, but healthy. Tastes like it’s made with love.”
Barbara Burchfield – Artists for Peace and Justice

“I look forward to my mylk™ every week. I have a glass every morning when I wake up to start my day. It’s the freshest, most delicious blend. Simple and quite perfect. I would be sad without it.”
Venus Kanani – Betty Mae Casting

“Delicious! I can’t go a week without my mylk™”
Radha Mitchell – Actress

“My daughter has been drinking Jeff’s almond mylk™ since she was 8 months old. It’s a staple in her diet now and she loves it. The mylk™ is so yummy and so much better than any dairy we could have given to her.”
Jennifer Chambers – Director

“The mylk™man is a must. super nutritious, delicious, and shop local perfection. Jeff’s got a great attitude about life, health, and you can taste it in his products.”
Brendan Armm – Doctor of Acupuncture