Where do you deliver?

For now, we deliver ONLY in Los Angeles County. If you’re interested in receiving Mylkman Mylk™ and live outside the Los Angeles area, please feel free to email us! We’d love to hear where our mylk™ is wanted for future growth.

What are the nutritional benefits of Mylkman Mylk™?

Raw Organic Almonds: High in Vitamin E, Magnesium and Iron
Coconut Water: Electrolytes, High in Potassium and Calcium
Together = An Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Raw, Delicious Liquid Treat.

How long does Mylkman Mylk™ last?

The Mylk™ has a 3 – 5 day shelf life. Mylkman Mylk™ is a truly raw product. This means absolutely NO preservatives or additives, which is the reason for its short life span. Make sure to keep it refrigerated and always shake before serving.

What do I do with my empty bottles?

Here at the Mylkman Company, we pride ourselves on being an eco-driven company. If you plan on ordering again, we just refill your bottles rather than bringing new ones every week.

What if I need to replace a bottle?

We get that you want to share the wealth and goodness with friends, neighbors and families! And we LOVE you for that. All we ask is that if you do need a new bottle (for whatever reason), there is $3 replacement fee.

How do I get my mylk™ if I am not home on Thursdays?

If there is no one home to receive the mylk™, you must leave a cooler with ice at your front door step.

Do you use any additives or sweeteners?

ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIVES or SWEETENERS. We ONLY use two ingredients, PURE RAW ORGANIC ALMONDS and FRESHLY CRACKED COCONUT WATER. Not to worry, Mylkman Mylk™ is definitely not lacking in sweetness or flavor. Mylkman Mylk™ is a perfect mixture of raw almonds blended with fresh coconut water and it’s pure sweet, nutty, mylk™ bliss.

How do I pay?

Payment is handled on the day of delivery weekly. If you wish to be a monthly client, please see below.

CHECK: Please make all checks out to: THE MYLKMAN COMPANY

What if I want mylk™ delivered every Thursday?

We love our monthly clients! If you wish to receive a mylk™ delivery every Thursday, there is a one time full month payment due the first delivery of every month. This can be paid by cash or check upon delivery. We understand that some months are different than others (ie. you’re out of town for a week) No worries, every month is a new month. If you wish to pay for a month in full and then pay weekly the next month – that is fine with us!

Where is the Mylkman located?

While we don’t have a store our customers can visit, our office is located at: 3231 Ocean Park Blvd #120 Santa Monica CA 90405